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Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant in Marine Environmental History and Historical Marine Ecology

About the Research Grant
In the face of increasing evidence that the world's oceans are in trouble, MCBI established the Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant in Marine Environmental History and Historical Marine Ecology. This grant is among the first in the world awarded specifically to help scientists document the composition and abundance of ocean life before humans altered marine ecosystems. This information is crucial for helping lawmakers, regulators, managers and activists set appropriate targets for marine conservation efforts.


Dr. Mia J. Tegner, a marine biologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, lost her life in January 2001 while carrying out research off Southern California. She studied the ecology of kelp forest communities and abalone populations, and was particularly interested in understanding how marine populations and ecosystems have changed as a result of human activities. This pioneering research earned her appointments as a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation and as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She was an author of the cover paper in the July 27, 2001 issue of the prestigious journal Science on "Historical overfishing and the recent collapse of coastal ecosystems" which showed that life in the sea was vastly more numerous until spreading human populations and improved fishing technologies devastated marine species and ecosystems.

Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant was started to honor her memory by MCBI. We welcome applicants from all around the world, regardless of nationality. The 2011 program of research grants is made possible by a generous contribution from Holland America Line.


How to Apply

The application period for the 2011 Grants Program is now closed. Please try again next year.



Congratulations to the 2010 Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant Recipients:

  • Leslie Thorne, Duke University “A retrospective analysis of the historical abundance of a pelagic shorebird: Unanticipated effects of fisheries management failures?”
  • Andrew Cohen, Center for Research on Aquatic Bioinvasions “Assembling Historical and Archaeological Data on the Abundance, Distribution, Use and Decline of Target Biota for Restoration: Olympia Oysters (Ostrea lurida), Eelgrass (Zostera marina) and Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris).”
  • Eleanor Partridge, Nature Bureau Ltc. “The historical impacts of fishing in the Firth of Forth.”
  • Sarah Myhre, Bodega Marine Laboratory “Establishing ecological and oceanographic baselines through past events of rapid anoxia.”
  • Kate McFadden, Columbia University “The Ecological Role of Sea Turtles in Marine Ecosystems in the Central Pacific: Reconstructing the Past.”

For more information about last year's winners, read our press release.


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