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Our Partnership with Holland America Line  

Holland America Line and Marine Conservation Biology Institute (MCBI) have partnered to promote sustainable use of the world’s oceans.  Called “Our Marvelous Oceans,” the new program will start with a three-year commitment that includes adopting sustainable seafood purchasing practices, new programming for guests, and support for the Mia J. Tegner Grants Program.  The Mia J. Tegner Grant program is an education program under which annual grants are made to graduate students and young scientists to conduct research in the field of historical marine ecology.


Our Work with Holland America Line:

salmonSustainable Seafood - Holland America Line is committed to serving sustainable seafood onboard, and we are helping them to do that.


dolphinOur Marvelous Oceans - A video series show in the Holland America Line fleet about the most pressing ocean issues of our time.


TegnerMia J. Tegner Research Grants in Historical Marine Ecology -Helping early career scientists study what the ocean was like before humans altered marine ecosystems.

Holland America LineHolland America Line - Offering world class cruises to such destinations as Alaska, the Caribbean and Europe.






Partnership Programs:

Sustainable Seafood

Our Marvelous Oceans

Mia Tegner Grants


Holland America Line