MCBI is now Marine Conservation Institute! Please visit our new website Marine-Conservation.org
Our New Name - After 15 years, Marine Conservation Biology Institute is undergoing transformation. Were changing our name, credo, logo and focus to be even more effective in saving our living oceans.

Marine Conservation Institute continues to devote nearly all our energy to winning protection for marine ecosystems, domestically and around the world. Ecosystems are places, not abstract ecological models, so this means doing the scientific, policy and political work to get government to protect specific places and advocating for institutions that facilitate protecting these places from threats to them. As always, well concentrate on efforts that bring the highest return-on-investment. Reflecting this, we are changing our tagline to Saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations. This summarizes what Marine Conservation Institute is all about.

The world is always changing, sometimes more, sometimes less. Change is eternal. As Darwin showed (although not everybody has gotten the message yet), its incumbent on us all to evolve. For Marine Conservation Institute, this means a more focused modus operandi, and a new name, tagline and logo. But were still about working at the crucial interface of science and policy to save our oceans. That wont change.

In celebration of Earth Day, Spring and transformation,
Elliott A. Norse

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